British L85A2 Service Rifle- SUSAT Optical sights- Replica (Product code-RFA008)

This is a Replica British L85A1 Service Rifle- Optical sights. It has been manufactured and is intended to be a realistic film or stage prop

Replica Firearms are high quality copies of historic and modern firearms. Manufactured to be realistic reproductions and not manufactured to be a practical firearms. As such they do not require any firearms licenses to possess or use as a film or theatrical prop weapon. Many of the Replica Firearms are made from materials which make them similar in structure and weight to the original pieces.

Please refer to our standard Terms and Conditions of hire.


This is one of our set of Replica British L85A2 Service Rifles. These are the upgraded SA80 which have a further upgrade including the provision of SUSAT sight, a Daniel Defense-designed Picatinny handguard for the L85 rifle with optional Grip Pod down grip, and a new vortex style flash eliminator was introduced as an Urgent Operational Requirement; initially introduced for use by selected units in 2007, the upgrade package was subsequently rolled out on a more general basis from 2009 onwards.

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