FN Minimi- Light Machine Gun- Replica (product code RFA-013)

The FN Minimi (short for French: Mini Mitrailleuse; “mini machine gun”) is a Belgian 5.56mm Squad Automatic Weapon developed by Ernest Vervier, for FN Herstal. First introduced in the late 1970s, it is now in service in more than 75 countries. The weapon is currently manufactured at the FN facility in Herstal and their U.S. subsidiary FN Manufacturing LLC.

The weapon is fed from the left-hand side by disintegrating-link M27 ammunition belts from either an unsupported loose belt, enclosed in a polymer ammunition box with a 200-round capacity attached to the base of the receiver or from detachable STANAG magazines, as used in other NATO 5.56 mm assault rifles such as the M16 and FNC. Magazine feeding is used only as an auxiliary measure, when belted ammunition has been exhausted.


This is a Replica of the FN Mimimi 5.56mm Light Machine Gun. Available for hire with either Belted ammunition or with box magazines.

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