French AN-IX (1800) Flintlock Pistols- Live Firing

This is a reproduction French AN-IX (1800) Flintlock Pistol. It is a practical weapon and is fully functioning.

All weapons in this hire category are capable of firing live ammunition and are therefore strictly controlled by the UK firearms act. However, for film and theatrical use, we have adapted many of our firearms to function firing blank rounds only.

All of our practical firearms are available for hire for film, television and theatrical performance on the condition that each contract is strictly supervised by an approved and qualified company Armourer.

Please refer to our standard Terms and Conditions of hire.


The Pistolet modèle An IX was a flintlock cavalry pistol, in service in French units from 1801.

The modèle An IX replaced the modèle 1777, which had been criticised to the point where the older modèle 1763 had been brought back into service.

The Pistolet modèle An IX was designed to equip mounted units, each horseman using two pistols. It was used in most mounted units of the Consulat and during the early years of the Empire, as well as in the Navy.

In 1806, the Pistolet modèle An XIII was introduced; the two system co-existed for some time, until the last modèles An IX were upgraded to the An XIII standard.