1700- Matched Flintlock Pistols- Replica (Product code-RFA048)

This is a Replica 1700- Matched Flintlock Pistol. It has been manufactured and is intended to be a realistic film or stage prop

Replica Firearms are high quality copies of historic and modern firearms. Manufactured to be realistic reproductions and not manufactured to be a practical firearms. As such they do not require any firearms licenses to possess or use as a film or theatrical prop weapon. Many of the Replica Firearms are made from materials which make them similar in structure and weight to the original pieces.

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These are a set of 3 matched pistols of the 17th and 18th Century. Many flintlock pistols were manufactured in all parts of the world. The Flintlock Pistol was perhaps the worlds most prolific firearm during this period of history. Most pistols are quite individual in shape and finish. But, all utilise the tried and tested flintlock ignition system.

For Military and Navy use, its was preferred to have sets of pistols as opposed to various types and designs. These matched pistols would all have the same caliber and use exactly the same powder and shot.

Often, matched pistols would be supplied as Duelling Pistols ensuring and element of fair play.

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